The contribution of renewables such as Solar and Wind to electricity production is growing, but this contribution is not constant over time. We will therefore see, if no actions are taken, periods with an abundance of electricity supply, and periods with a shortage of supply. 

Time of Use (ToU) control of refrigeration installations can be used to shift the electricity use of a refrigeration installation towards periods with an abundance of electricity supply, and avoid electricity use in periods of electricity shortage. This "load shifting" can help to make electricity use more in line with production from renewable sources.

The Time of Use control can be economically beneficial for the owner of the refrigeration system. Electricity use is shifted to periods with an abundance of supply, and in these periods the electricity price is generally lower than average. 

Foremost however, a refrigeration installation must always provide the correct required temperature. Time of Use control must therefore be performed in an intelligent way, with an understanding of system dynamics. This has been achieved in the Night Wind project, the ESTORE controller (for industrial cold stores) and in the ColdShift controller (for supermarket refrigeration).