BERTIX model for thermal modelling (turkey)
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BAKTIX Model of Cherry-pie




For profitable cooling in slaughterhouses

  • Weight loss calculation
  • Optimalization of the duration of the cooling- and freezing process
  • 4 standard carcass models (pig, chicken, cow/calf, turkey)


  • Slaughterhouses
  • Suppliers of cooling installations
  • Refrigeration consultants
  • Refrigeration installers


Download BAKtix DEMO version

Download Costherm (DOS)



For energy-efficient cooling and freezing of bread and bakery products

  • Simulation of the cooling- and freezing process
  • Caluclating cooling- and freezing times
  • Product temperatures and liquid content during the cooling process



  • Bread- and confectionery factories
  • Cooling installation suppliers
  • Refrigeration consultants