Participation in the FRISBEE European research project (2010-2014)

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 Foreseeable Events Generator by Saint Trofee


 Energy labelling of Cold Stores

 Article on the Energy label for Cold Stores used within Breeam-NL (pdf)

 Extract from LIDL Netherlands press release (in Dutch)

 ICE-E project (EU cold store inventory)

  Modelling of the ice crystallization process in food products

 Participation in the European KIC project ESTORE (2012 - 2014)

 (Energy Storage & Demand Side Management for Cold Stores)

Saint Trofee Expertise for REstore (Cold Store Demand Side Management)

REstore (Antwerp, Belgium) and O'Cool launch an auto-demand response pilot project, optimizing the power consumption of O'Cool's large-scale cold stores, generating extra cashflows that reduce the energy bill of the end-client.