FRISBEE Foreseeable Events Generator 1.1

In order to evaluate a refrigeration technology under dynamic conditions, we need to have a set of external conditions to apply to the refrigeration machine or it’s model. This set of conditions must include ambient conditions, refrigeration demand and energy prices.

The Frisbee Foreseeable Events Generator 1.1 is a PC program that will create such a set of conditions, for any selected country within the EU(27). It is installed through the Frisbee_eventsSetup.exe file, normally in the C:\Program Files folder. If an error occurs at runtime due to a write limitation in the Program Files folder, choose a user directory for installation at setup.

Requirements: PC with Windows®, internet connection and MS Excel 2010.

At startup, you must first select the country for which you want to create the set of events. The Frisbee Events generator 1.1 will then let you decide whether you want to base these events on historical data, or on predicted actual data.

Next, you must specify your output (timing) requirements: what is the start date and time, for how long must the output be provided, and with what interval (depending on how many data lines per hour you want). Note that when you use the “prediction” mode, your output can only be generated from “now” to maximum 4 days ahead.

Please note that after each of your selections or commands (especially those related to “prediction”), the program takes some time to retrieve data from the internet (such as local weather prediction and electricity cost day-ahead market data). When you continue with your next interaction too soon, a textbox will show up noting that “the other application is busy”. Just wait a few seconds, and then select it’s “retry” option. 

As the program opens internet files with .xlsx extension in the background, you must have MS Excel 2010 installed, or otherwise be able to automatically open files with this extension when you use older MS excel versions.

The program execution results in the creation of a “Frisbee_Events.dat” file in the /Results subdirectory of the installation path. This is a plain text file (ascii). The file contains one line of data for each interval in your output specification. Data on each line:

Date – Time – Temperature ⁰C – Humidity (%) – Sun (W/m2) – Wind (m/s) – Price (€/MWh)

Last entry on each line is “operation”: 0 = inactive, 1 … 9 = active, -2/-3 = breakdown (long/short). You specify operation characteristics in the file /operation/Operation_hours.xls