Saint Trofee was founded in 2008.

Dutch Chamber of Commerce nr. 08171351

VAT nr. NL 8190.73.635 B01

Tel: +31 6 5388 2862

Creating tools for refrigeration 
  • EKS program for calculation of yera-round energy consumption of supermarket refrigeration systems.
  • BAKtix and BERtix software for cooling and freezingg simulation of food products, including ice crystal formation
  • Night Wind Control System (NWCS) for storage of electrical energy in large cold stores and cold store operation at mimimum electricity costs
  • FRISBEE foreseeable events generator (future electricity costs and outdoor conditions predictor)
Refrigeration consultancy
  • Creating designs for renewable cooling applications
  • Evaluation of measurement data on thermal systems
  • Application of glass doors (day covers) on refrigerated display cabinets
  • Providing expertise on testing facilities
  • Design of refrigerated display cabinets
Participation in research projects
  • MINIREF project (subcontract for NVKL / AREA). This project, funded by the EU (FP6) under contract nr. 01245, aimed to reduce the refrigerant content of refrigeration systems. this was done for a 50 kW industrial Ammonia system, and for a 12,5 kW refrigeration system with HFK refrigerant. Use was made of aluminium microchannel heat exchangers. 
  • NIGHT WIND project (EU FP6 project nr. 20045). After the formal ending of the project, Saint Trofee programmed the Night Wind Control System (NWCS). The program controls a refrigeration system in such a way that it operates at the least possible electricity costs in relation to spot market (APX) energy prices. The program has been installed at the Partner Logistics cold store in Bergen op Zoom, which is the largest frozen food storage facility in The Netherlands.
  • FRISBEE (EU FP 7 project nr. 245288). Saint Trofee is one of the 26 partners from 12 EU member states participating in the project.  The objective of the FRISBEE project is to provide new tools, concepts and solutions for improving refrigeration technologies along the European food cold chain. 
  • KIC-ESTORE project, a follow up on the Night Wind project.
  • CLASP Commercial Refrigeration Equipment mapping and benchmarking



Sietze M. van der Sluis, M.Sc.

  • Associate at Saint Trofee
  • Honorary member of the International Institute of refrigeration IIF / IIR
  • President of IIR subcommssion on Refrigerated Display Cabinets
  • Member of the German Refrigeration Association DKV

Former posts:

  • Head of TNO Department of Refrigeration & Heat Pump Technology
  • Manager at Research Centre of Refrigeration and Heat Pumps FKW GmbH, Germany


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